Construction of timber frame houses

There are various myths about the timber frame buildings, such as that such a house can not be built in winter. It is believed that cold air temperatures and snow adversely affect the construction of a wooden frame house and can hinder the construction process. In fact, the opposite is true – a timber frame house has a relatively small total weight, which facilitates the construction of foundations. If the soil structure under the building allows, 4 or even more meters of reinforced concrete piles with a calculated layout (step) are installed on the foundations. This provides a stable and long-lasting foundation for the frame house. A timber frame house can not only be built at any time of the year, but also for such a frame house all finishing works can be done in all seasons, such as roofing, facade finishing, construction of internal communications and interior finishing works.

How is a timber frame house built?

Insulated concrete slab foundations can be formed relatively quickly. The load-bearing properties of such foundations are equivalent to any type of foundation, such as tape. A particular advantage is that such foundations can be laid on any soil, including very weak soils. The walls of a timber frame house are made of prefabricated panels. The carcass, insulation, film and lathing layers are pre-formed and packaged. What consists of each wooden frame panel house wall panel and floor.

According to the timber frame panel house plan, the prefabricated timber frame panels are placed in cars, transported to the actual private house construction site, where they are then unloaded (often the panels are assembled by lifting them one by one from the vehicle), the timber frame panels are assembled in a certain order and carefully fastened. The site is undergoing dry construction, this technology allows the construction of a timber frame house at any air temperature. As the foundations and timber frame house constructions are assembled on site, the work is relatively fast. After the timber frame panels and other wooden building elements are delivered to the construction site, qualified wooden frame house assembly specialists, on the basis of previously established foundations, perform the assembly of wooden frame panels. Wood frame panels are relatively easy, so it is not necessary to use heavy equipment to assemble them. Timber frame house assembly works can be performed by 2 or 3 assembly specialists. The assembly process for a wooden frame building takes 1-3 days, it depends on the project. Depending on the project, the roof of a wooden prefabricated house can be as a complete panel of an uninhabited space with insulation or a simpler solution – a habitable attic. In both cases, a film is created for the timber frame house under the roof covering, which protects the wooden frame structures from condensation. When building in winter, it is very important to make sure that the roof assembly steps are performed in the correct order.

When the installation of wooden frame panels is completed, finishing works begin: roofing, facade finishing, construction of internal communications, installation of electricity, water, sewerage, heating, interior finishing.

The construction of a timber house frame is relatively easy, and it would not be difficult to build with your own hands, even for a person who does not have a professional education in construction. If you have the necessary knowledge of house frame construction technology, this task is quite easy to perform independently, without specialists. Although, always consider the risks and safety, and the need for the presence of professionals at certain stages, it is still a building where you and your loved ones will live.

The company “Northouse” develops projects for private houses, timber frame houses, performs construction and improvement works. You will find out how to handle a home frame and what materials and tools are needed to create a wooden frame here. The frames of individual wooden beams or boards differ in different characteristics, and the technology of assembling wooden frames has several features. One set of tools, similar seals, general assembly techniques and fittings are used to work with both boards and beams. It should be noted that if the wooden frame is built of low-quality dried wood materials, the result will not be long-lasting.

Insight into the construction process from foundations to insulated walls: