Construction stages of timber frame houses

Construction and design of private houses

The decision to build a private house is very important for every family. Starting with the design, you will be involved in all processes, your wishes will be taken into account and the best solutions will be found.

Due to the unique properties of the home as a product, customers are often taught by anxiety and uncertainty, so a good ally is needed to advise and resolve the issues with knowledge and experience. The choice of construction and design of a private house is often based on several factors – aesthetic, financial and technical, and often the above points are associated with finding compromises.

A private house as a product is unique for two reasons:

The house is one of the most expensive and important decisions a person makes in his or her life.
Each house project is unique in its own way.

Choosing a plan

The size of the home must meet your requirements and needs, and take into account the future perspective (for example, the birth of children). We offer ready-made standard projects, which, if necessary, we can adjust to your wishes, as well as develop individual house plans.

5 stages in the construction of wooden frame houses

The design and construction of passive houses requires increased attention to detail and successful communication between the parties involved compared to traditional construction.

This complex home construction process can be divided into five stages:

Dreaming and defining. You need to visualize your dream house. Check out our projects and galleries, note what you like, what you don’t. At the same time, set your budget ceiling and start considering the construction process.
Find the land of your dream home. When buying land, find out the requirements of the municipality. Also, the availability / installation of electricity, water and sewerage plays a big role in the planning of the house construction budget.

Timber frame house design and budget. Time to put your intentions on paper! Cooperation with the architect is essential at this stage. Important to remember: simplicity saves, complexity – spends.
Terms, schedules, payments. Choose your designers and builders. During the construction of the house it is important to control the budget and deadlines.
Construction of a wooden panel house, which in turn distinguishes 5 important stages:

Laying the foundations
Delivery and assembly of wooden frames
Panel installation
Window and door installation
Exterior wall finishes

Insight into the construction process from foundations to insulated walls: