Production process of a wooden frame house

The production of a wooden frame house is carried out in a specially adapted and equipped factory, where the panels of a wooden frame house are made of high-quality, EU-compliant wood (C24). Each wooden frame house panel is made and, according to the project, is formed from precise, pre-cut blanks, thus ensuring high accuracy and quality of wooden frame house panels.

In order to ensure the maximum quality of the final product, careful control of the raw materials used in home production as well as work is performed:

timber selection and sorting.
production control of structures
use of quality fasteners such as Rothoblass, Nordfix, etc.
selection of high-quality thermal insulation materials and their correct incorporation into home panels: Paroc, Rockwool,
correct selection of diffusion membranes, wind insulation, vapor insulation films and its application for a specific purpose,
panel closing control,
Joining and fastening of panels in transport vehicles.
Delivery of panels to the construction site.

Construction of a wooden panel house – how is the construction process going?

The construction of a wooden panel house is based on the assembly of ready-made wooden structures. The creation of a wooden frame consists of horizontal and vertical frames. In turn, the partitions of wooden panel houses during construction are filled with high-quality thermal insulation. The double-sided wood frame house wall decoration is optimal in terms of energy consumption.

Before the materials are delivered to the construction site, the finished wooden panel house constructions are in factories or warehouses and are not previously exposed to any adverse weather conditions, they do not need to be stored on site, as soon as they are delivered to the construction site. An important feature of wooden panel houses is that several layers are built in it, where each of them performs its function:

The frame provides vertical and horizontal loads
The support prevents the walls from bending
The plates perform the functions of fastening and fire safety
In turn, the insulation material used provides fire, sound and heat protection.

Modern wooden frame building constructions are designed to be vapor permeable. The indoor wood panel acts as a vapor barrier and an airtight layer at the same time. The main advantage of this design is that an internal vapor barrier – a film – is not required. This reduces costs, but also provides a better indoor climate. The wall can dry out at any time and preventive chemical protection of the wood is not required.

Wooden panel house – how fast can it be built?

The details of wooden panel houses are light, so no special tools or equipment are required for their installation. Every part of the house can be assembled by hand. The construction of these houses could even be compared to the work of carpenters.
Wooden frame houses can be adapted to any geometric shape, as well as they can be upholstered in a variety of materials.

Exterior walls of a wooden frame panel house

The external walls of a house must be strong and stable, as they generally perform the function of protecting the house. The outer walls of the wooden frame are mostly assembled during construction. After the walls are installed, thermal insulation is applied, then the second layer is installed and the wall is reinforced. A wide variety of materials can be used as external wall cladding according to the wishes of each customer.

The exterior wall of a wooden frame panel house consists of:

Thermal insulation
Wooden slats (lats)
Vapor insulation membranes
Thermal insulation
Wooden frame
Door with a moisture-resistant layer
Diffusion films
Koka latas
Finishing material

Wood frame panel production process in the factory:

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