Timber frame house

If you are currently thinking about building a private house for your family, a construction of a timber frame private house is a worthwhile solution. Such a house has excellent thermal insulation, it is a natural and therefore the most healthy home. As well as the construction of a timber frame private house is relatively fast and such a house has low construction and maintenance costs.

Construction of a timber frame building – a long-used and popular technology.

Everyone wants to live away from noisy neighbors, in silence, closer to nature, so sooner or later there is a desire to build their own private house. Before making an important decision about building a wooden frame building for your family, evaluate various important aspects, such as what foundations of the house will be created, what thermal insulation materials will be chosen, how communications will be created, what will be the interior decoration, sound insulation, etc.

Wood is one of the natural materials that man has always used in housing construction. Timber frame houses have long been built in the Scandinavian countries, Japan, the United States and Canada. The oldest timber frame houses in Germany are about 800 years old. And it proves that with the right construction technology, a timber frame house is extremely durable. Frame technology has been used in building construction for a long time. However, relatively recently (in recent decades) this technology has become popular in the construction of private houses, because it has special advantages.

The most practical, fastest and most convenient solution is a timber frame building, which is built from prefabricated timber frame systems, which is why such a house is also called a modular house, prefabricated house or panel house. This technology allows the building to be built very quickly (in about three months) and the construction to proceed quickly and accurately, as much less human labor is used.

A very important aspect in our climate zone – a timber frame house can be built at any time of the year and in any weather conditions. When building other types of buildings – brick houses, block houses, concrete houses, etc., it is possible that the construction takes longer, for example, due to weather conditions.

The foundations of a timber frame house are not heavy, so the construction of such buildings is very popular in areas with seismically active areas. It should be taken into account that the foundations of a wooden frame building should be built until the period when frost occurs. If the foundation is built during frost, it can affect the quality of the building’s foundations.

The construction of a timber frame building in terms of weight is relatively light when a timber frame building is compared to other types of buildings, such as concrete houses, brick houses or block houses. Thanks to the light construction of the building, you do not have to wait until the house “settles down”, you can start living in it immediately after construction.

A timber frame house is energy efficient because the walls have high thermal insulation performance and low thermal conductivity of the enclosing structures, and the use of modern, efficient thermal insulation materials reduces heating costs. In a wooden frame house, it is pleasantly cool in the heat of summer, while in winter the wooden walls radiate warmth, creating a feeling of comfort. Such a house also has good sound insulation, as well as low construction costs, because the frame technology has affordable prices and a simple assembly process.

The desired architecture and decoration can be created for a timber frame house.

A timber frame building (prefabricated house, modular house or panel house) can be built in any design. Finished building projects are a very advantageous solution. For example, the company “Northouse” offers about 30 ready-made private house projects – for any taste, needs, families with more and fewer people. As well as the company’s ready-made projects include projects for small timber frame private houses (with a small living area), these houses are suitable for a couple or one person.

The company “Northouse” also offers the opportunity to build a timber frame private house according to an individual project, and then the customer can implement any ideas, fantasies and wishes.

If a timber frame house is built, the exterior finish of the building can also be designed according to the customer’s wishes. A timber frame house can even look like a brick or a house with decorative plaster.

Timber frame house is easy to equip, dismantle and move

It is relatively more convenient for a wooden frame building to build utilities – pulling them in and hiding them in the walls. For example, heating and water pipes can be laid relatively easily through walls without damaging the building’s appearance. It is also important that, thanks to timber frame technology, communications can be relatively easily accessed and repaired when needed. Similarly, if necessary, the thermal insulation of the building can be changed without any special problems. Another significant advantage is that a timber frame house can be dismantled relatively easily and inexpensively and moved to another place where it can be reassembled.